Living What We Believe

  • Methodists affirm the historic Christian faith as summarized in the Apostle’s Creed and Nicene Creed.
  • We believe in the Triune god, the Trinity- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe every person is a beloved child of God whom God created in God’s divine image, with inherent worth and dignity.
  • We believe in the Church as the community called to be instruments of God’s presence and coming reign in Christ Jesus. We believe in the Bible as God’s revealed Word, authoritative in matters of faith and practice.
  • We believe in the final triumph of God’s reign of compassion, justice, generosity, and peace where we will discover a renewed creation where sin, suffering, and death are overcome, and God’s victory is complete.

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Walking with Jesus Blog

A reflection on Sunday’s teaching and practical ways to live out Godly principles and see Him in each day.

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Suffering for Christ

Barbara Lee, MSET Many Christians in the United States wonder if they would be able to “suffer for Christ”. Now, has anyone ever “suffered for Christ”? How is this form of suffering different from our normal daily ordeals or hardships?  SCRIPTURE:  12 Dear friends, do not be surprised at the fiery

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Nursery & Preschool

Atonement’s Nursery and Preschool area is a child’s delight since it includes many creative activities available to young children. Sunday school music, Bible stories, and Lil’ Kidmo DVDs are used for the spiritual development of these children.

Lead Attendant, Krista Anthony, is a trained childcare provider who supervises infants and preschoolers- keeping them safe, healthy and entertained. Volunteers help as Nursery staff to take all precautions possible to prevent the spread of germs, while providing a loving and nurturing environment. Safe Sanctuary practices apply another layer of protection for our children and staff.

Safe Sanctuary policies in place for all ministries pertaining to children of all ages. More info

Kids Ministries

(Kids In Motion) Sunday School Program for Kindergarten – 5th grade. Meeting on Sunday mornings from 11-12 Noon right down the hallway from The Branch contemporary worship on Atonement’s second floor. Kidmo includes a time of singing, Bible study, arts and crafts, and refreshments on Sunday mornings. Elementary students interact with adults and Middle School students, who are aides to the teachers. Safe Sanctuary is practiced.

Babies, toddlers, and children under 5 years old. 9am – 12:15 pm

KIDMO Sunday School
Welcoming children 1st thru 5th grade. 11am

Acolytes Third-grade students through Senior High participate in the Traditional Worship service at 9am with duties such as lighting and extinguishing the altar candles, helping with the Offering and Holy Communion.

Camp Pecometh Summer camp in Centreville, MD for students in third grade and above. Students attend for five days of fun and spiritual experiences that draw them closer to God. Over 20 different programs are offered to fit the camper’s age, ability, and interests. Core values for all are: swimming, arts and crafts, music, Water and river activities, Bible study, Vespers, and Candlelight service on the Chester River. Student fees are sponsored for the most part by the church.

Safe Sanctuary policies in place for all ministries pertaining to children of all ages. More info

Teen's Ministries

Bible study for 4-7th grade in the Youth Room at 11:00 – 12:00 noon.  New friends are always welcome!

Youth Ministry

S.U.R.G.E. (Serving Under a Real God Everyday) 

Youth Pastor Jeff Peters leads Atonement Church youth between 6th and 12th grades on Friday nights from 7-9pm in Atonement’s Youth Room. Pastor Jeff promotes teen fellowship, weekly Bible study, service projects, mission trips, and attendance at worship. He also coordinates fund-raising as needed, works with the church leadership to promote youth participation in worship, service, and other activities of hospitality (such as the Youth Sundays, Claymont Christmas parade, Christmas Family Service, 5th Sunday events). Some of their favorite activities include attending the annual youth rally in Ocean City every year, overnight lock-ins at church, and enjoying fellowship on Friday nights in their awesome Youth Room before Bible study begins.

Confirmation is an honored tradition for our youth, ages 12-17 years of age. Confirmation is a milestone to mark the first time a Christian publicly “confirms” to live a Christian life according to their membership and baptismal vows. Confirmation classes teach the teens what Confirmation is and what it means to be a Christian. Once the classes are completed, confirmands join the church and confirm their faith in Christ Jesus. If possible, students are received into the congregation during Eastertide or on fifth Sundays during the year.

Safe Sanctuary policies in place for all ministries pertaining to children of all ages. More info

Young Adults Ministry

Something New For Atonement Millenials & Friends!!!

YOUNG-at-heart-Adult Ministry has started up! All persons 18 through 30 years of age (A/K/A Millennials). Their vision is to offer fresh and healthy, organic ideas that take place inside and outside the church: such as cooking together, “chat and chew” around firepits, and music. Ideas are welcome!


PREPARE/ENRICH is the #1 Premarital and Marriage Assessment for over 35 years. Counseling available with Pastor Amy for couples committed to gain a deeper understanding of dynamics, personality, stress and strength and growth areas in marriage. Learn more about Prepare and Enrich at this website. contact Pastor Amy for an appointment.

Life Groups

Atonement Church Life Groups are offered seasonally as a place to build friendships while exploring spiritually in a variety of venues. Life Groups benefit all persons involved (leaders, hosts and participants), as well as others in our many community service projects. Over the past eleven years there have been many kinds of opportunities! And new ideas are always welcome. Whether it’s Bible study, cooking, a weekly nature walk, a DVD Series, such as The Chosen, prayer group, men’s/women’s groups, quilting prayer blankets or “Knitting for a Need,” Single’s group, exercise, or book group- THERE’S A PLACE FOR YOU IN A LIFE GROUP.

Service Groups

Atonement Church Food Ministries: Food Closet needs a shopper to buy items every month or as needed, someone to organize and stock shelves after purchases and donations received. Other help needed with inventory, packing bags, and occasionally delivering food bags to homebound. 

Audio/Video Techs who serve during our worship service and events.

Knollwood Gardening Team for outdoor gardens boxes at Knollwood Community Center. Seasonal work beautifying the Community Center.

Knollwood Service Team: Helping hands to paint, clean, repair the Community Center as needed. In the past, jobs were done such as painting the interior of the center and other cosmetic projects, renovating the bathroom, installed water fountain and new water heater, repaired guttering, and landscaping work, etc.

Knitting For A Need: Knitters and those who crochet goods for Door of Hope and A. I. DuPont Children’s Hospital. Also, items are sold, and proceeds given to outreach ministries.

Hospitality Team: For anyone who loves serving food and people. Includes hosting Sunday refreshments between services, special events such as annual church picnic, and soliciting donations of refreshments when needed. The Hospitality Team is one of the most important in the church, promoting friendship and fellowship among church members and guests. 

Interest Groups

ARE FOR THE UNIQUE GIFTINGS OF PEOPLE TO BE EXPRESSED, while connecting with each other and doing life together around common interests.

Life Group Hosts: Hosts take the lead in the area of hospitality for the small group, providing a welcoming atmosphere. Host can consider serving refreshments as the group gathers, rather than at the end. Also, you may give consideration to seating so everyone can have eye contact with each other and not just the Leader.

Learning Groups: Discipleship

Groups may be Bible studies, book or topical studies, DVD study, New Believers Class, or something that runs longer, such as Disciple Bible Study, Experiencing God, or Alpha, etc.

Lenten Study Groups for 2023 will begin on Ash Wednesday, February 22, 2023. Contact Person Cliff Werline 302-588-7823

Fellowship Groups

To encourage and build up the Body of Christ as people of like-mindedness gather together for same activities, habits, pursuits. May include prayer, food, service, fund-raising, or ministry.

Pizza Pals meet the First Friday of each month, share a pizza dinner, and have a Bible study or DVD study. Meeting in the Welcome Center at 6:30-8:30. New comers are welcome.

Prayer Quilt Team is a dedicated group who designs and sews small lap quilts that are destined to individuals who are going through difficulty, trauma, or sickness. Team members can design the quilt, cut the squares, and sew it together. Then the congregation prays and ties knots for every prayer offered to God. Atonement is quickly approaching the 1,000th prayer quilt created since this ministry’s beginning. 

Rebecca Circle This Life Group is for women and has been an active part of Atonement Church for many years. Meeting are a time of devotion, prayer, business, program, and refreshments. Many ministries are blessed by the Rebecca Circle. New members are welcome if you have an interest in missions, local church activities, fellowship and lifelong friendships. 

Service Projects / Cooperative Ministries

Urban Promise Upper Academy: So much can be said for Atonement’s partnership over the past 20 years, building relationships and support in many small and big ways. Atonement loves what Urban Promise is all about: the hope of Jesus for families and children in the inner city context with monthly hot lunch and breakfast donations. Christmas 2021 stocking for students with much to be said for our partnership over the years. Student interns sponsored for summer camps, building facility made available for staff and training meetings, housed “missionaries” from Christian colleges for Urban Promise summer workcamps, tutoring help (prior to Covid), annual monetary support… and may God continue to bless Urban Promise Schools. 

Gideon’s International are men of faith who freely distribute small, pocket-sized New Testaments to towns and cities all around the world. Together with Atonement, the Gideon’s have made Claymont and North Wilmington their mission field, too. So far, they have distributed almost 5,000 New Testaments in Claymont at revivals and parades in Claymont. Visit their web site at to learn more! 

Knollwood Afterschool Program: For seven years Atonement has offered help. Also Bible Study with Pastor Amy offered to Elementary students weekly.

Knollwood Summer Sport Camp week: Since 2014 Atonement has sponsored a week of VBS, we call it Sports Camp. All kinds of activities, including Bible study, Bible memory, and refreshment time. Knollwood kids love basketball, soccer, volleyball, baseball, football- and we bring all into their big backyard at the community center.

Sponsoring Knollwood Summer Book Fair: Atonement Church contributes $2,000.00 towards purchase of books for elementary students to shop and buy summer reading books.

Coat Drive for Knollwood kids and teens: In time for winter, free coats, hats, and gloves for children and teens are given away through the community center with funding from Atonement Church

Knollwood’s Adopt a Families and Adopt Senior Citizens for Christmas: Thanks to missional monies donated to our church, many senior citizens and three families in Knollwood can have a little more celebration of Jesus’ birthday! Pastor Amy and helpers brighten the season with the reminders of God’s love and grace through God’s gifts to these special people. 

Something New: Atonement Church is hosting an opera singer, Elizabeth “Joy” Kelly, who has an amazing soprano voice! As partners, Elizbeth and other artist colleagues, performed a Christmas Concert of Carols at Atonement Church, which was such a treat for many! With Atonement’s support, she is doing an “Artist in Residence” workshop for Urban Promise Upper Academy. Yea, God!  

Outreach & Mission Support

Able Ministries – Wayne Hendrickson
Claymont Fire Company
Door of Hope
Gideons International
Knollwood Community Center
Ministry of Caring
Neighborhood House
Camp Pecometh
Salvation Army
Samaritan’s Purse
Sunday Breakfast Mission
Urban Promise
West End Community Center
Marantha Ministries – John Hobbs & Kenny Davis