Service Groups

Atonement Church Food Ministries

Food Closet needs a shopper to buy items every month or as needed, someone to organize and stock shelves after purchases and donations received. Other help need with inventory, packing bags, and occasionally delivering food bags to homebound. 

Contact Person

Kathleen Gerres

Audio/Video Techs

Audio/Video Techs who serve during our worship service and events.

Contact Person

Joe Pukatsch - Lead Tech (302) 798-8472
Lynn Peters

Knollwood Service Team

Helping hands to paint, clean, repair the Community Center as needed. In the past, jobs were done such as painting the interior of the center and other cosmetic projects, renovating the bathroom, installed water fountain and new water heater, repaired guttering, and landscaping work, etc.

Contact Person

Pastor Amy Peters (302) 218-5896

Knitting For A Need

Knitters and those who crochet goods for Door of Hope and A. I. DuPont Children’s Hospital. Also, items are sold, and proceeds given to outreach ministries.

Contact Person

Betty Wilbur (302) 798-4148

Hospitality Team

For anyone who loves serving food and people. Includes hosting Sunday refreshments between services, special events such as annual church picnic, and soliciting donations of refreshments when needed. The Hospitality Team is one of the most important in the church, promoting friendship and fellowship among church members and guests. 

Contact Person

Kathy Bailey (302) 798-8472

Prayer Quilt Ministry

Since 2008, Atonement Prayer Quilt Ministry has made almost 3,000 prayer quilts for members, guests, family, friends, and even strangers to our congregation. The prayer quilt is fervently prayed over by some 60+ persons who want to encourage the injured, the sick, (young or old, near or far away), or anyone in need of God’s divine intervention. The quilts are beautiful pieces of art and a blessing to everyone who receives one.

Contact Person

Betty Wilbur (302) 299-7632