Fresh Words: A Pause Between the Old and New

Editor’s note: This week’s post is from our “Good News From a Leaky Pen” writer.

                                                                   By Marian Humphrey

                                         Psalm 126:2 ….The Lord has done great things….

A New Vision

The new Atonement Church vision for 2023 will be revealed soon.  I am so excited, yet compelled to ponder where I ended this year in my spiritual growth from the view of 2022’s scripture, Psalm 126: 2. It seems that remembering that will aid in starting on an upward path when handed the next goal.

I immediately think of the huge burst of sensing the gift of perpetual joy I received this year. It seems like suddenly, what once was a tiny, almost hidden, sprout of joy has burst into a full-grown tree. That has led to a closer, trusting relationship with God than ever before.   The minute I don’t feel that deep abiding joy, it’s  a “no brainer” now to run first to my compassionate God for His love and guidance and get a jolt of joy that is my strength in both tough situations and the good. That’s one great thing God has done! In the past I may have spent more time trying to figure stuff out before leaning on my Lord.  Thank you, Atonement Church, for being a huge catalyst of that Great God thing in my life!    

The Tiny Details

It’s also amazing that God bothers, even loves, to help in the tiny details of my life, like unveiling my hidden keys.  The Almighty God created the whole universe; stretched out the stars, directed the seas and the winds and the spin of our earth. He also peeks down to count every hair on each of our heads we have already shed or will shed during each of our lives.  This powerful God, who sets kings over the nations and bounces them off their thrones, cares not only for daisies and pigeons, but chooses to look through a microscope in order to tend to that tiny hangnail or paper cut that besets us.

I think the Huge tiny things He does strikes me more than ever this year because I am bolder at asking folks in and out of the church body if they want me to pray for a problem or a hurt they mention.  Some say yes, yet many say things like, “it’s OK, I’m still alive” or, “He has more important things to worry about.” That makes me more aware of how easy it is for me to even unknowingly do the same thing. 

A Beacon of Light

It’s so easy to try to put God in a box. The truth is He is well able and longs to bring us into wholeness. That’s because He dearly loves us and wants us to express more of His nature and perform more acts, even miracles, than He did when on earth.  He even said so in John 14:12. It goes way beyond our capability of understanding or perhaps desire to tremble and “lose ourselves” to be changed in His powerful presence.  

Now know more than ever before, whatever God has in mind for each of us is for our good. I so look forward to His fresh Word for 2023 as a beacon of light on the path for this church in order to come closer to Him than ever! I anticipate continuing to celebrate with all of you throughout our struggles and testimonies; all our new adventures because of our awareness of the Great things He has already done.

                                     So, Happy New 2023 Beginnings, everyone!

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Linda Cobourn

Linda Cobourn picked up a pencil when she was nine and hasn’t stopped writing since, but she never expected to write about adult autism and grief. When her husband died after a long illness, she began a remarkable journey of faith with her son, an adult with Asperger’s syndrome. The author of Tap Dancing in Church, Crazy: A Diary, and Scenes from a Quirky Life, she holds an MEd in Reading and an EdD in Literacy. Dr. Cobourn also writes for Aspirations, a newsletter for parents of autistic offspring. Her work in progress, tentatively titled Finding Dad: A Journey of Faith on the Autism Spectrum, chronicles her son’s unique grief journey. Dr Cobourn teaches English as a Second Language in Philadelphia and lives with her son and a fat cat named Butterscotch in Delaware County. She can be contacted on her blog, Quirky, and her Amazon author page.